Revitalize 955 Wilkes Avenue

We believe that our best days are ahead.
Join us as we partner together to make this a reality 

The Need

Built in 1991, our building serves as an amazing ministry tool. In order to ensure its sustainability for the next 30 years, we've identified a number of areas that need repairs and improvements. The single largest item is our roof. The metal roof, that covers the vast majority of our building, regularly leaks from snow and rain. And the flat roofs that cover our gymnasium and office areas also need to be redone.
There are other areas that need to be addressed: building accessibility, repairs to our parking lot, audio & video upgrades, washroom expansion, just to name a few.

The Plan

We've prioritized the most important needs into Phase 1. You can find out more about the timeline below.
In Phase 1, we will be repairing, resealing, and repainting the South-facing metal roof, improving building accessibility, and retaining funds in case of any urgent repairs for our heating and cooling system.

The Invitation

This will be made possible by your support. Before beginning the project, we need to raise at least $100,000. This allows us to enter the project with a strong cash position. To make a donation, please visit below.
For any funds that we have to borrow, we also need pledged support so we can be confident that we can pay any borrowed funds back quickly. Our goal is that we would repay all funds within 3 years.

UPDATE: We have exceeded our goal of raising $100,000. As of October 2022, we have raised over $150,000 towards this project!  


In this phase, we will repair and renovate our South facing roof, improve building accessibility, and maintain or replace heating and cooling units.
We anticipate that this phase will take approximately 3 years to complete.

This is our current phase.
In this phase, we will focus on re-doing the roofs over our gymnasium and office areas. Other improvements will be on our audio and video, expanding washrooms, and continued funds for our heating and cooling system.
Upon beginning this phase, we anticipate that it will take about 4 years to complete.

We anticipate beginning this phase in 3-5 years.
In this phase, we will repair and renovate the North facing roof as well as continued funds for our heating and cooling system among other projects.
We anticipate that this final phase will take approximately 3 years to complete upon starting.

We anticipate this phase beginning in 8-10 years.

Pledge Campaign

Would you pledge your support to partner with us financially over the next few years?
Our goal is that any money that we borrow for Phase 1 would be paid back within 3 years.

Partner with us

What would happen if you pick a percentage of your income and then simply automate that giving towards impacting your community? Use this simple chart to reference how easy it could be to watch your giving multiply in huge ways.
How you leverage your God-given resources will have profound impact in our community today and in our future. Please pray about how your additional offerings could make a huge impact both now and in our future.
This chart is only provided as a guide to help you in making a decision of how you can support this campaign financially.


Please ensure your donation is designated to the "Revitalize 955 Wilkes" fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 phases?
In the first phase, we are focussing on the South-facing roof, improving building accessibility and retaining funds for our heating and cooling system. The 2nd and 3rd phases will include additional repairs to the remaining sections of the roof, among other improvements (such as parking lot repairs, audio & video upgrades, washroom expansion, etc.)
Are my donations tax-deductible?
Absolutely. All donations made towards this campaign will receive an Official Receipt for Income Tax Purposes that you can submit to Canada Revenue Agency.
Why aren't we doing it all at once?
Simply put, we want to ensure that we are able to start this as quickly as feasibly possible. By putting this revitalization into 3 phases, we are able to start on the most needed areas as quickly as possible.
What is a pledge?
A pledge is a commitment to help us pay back any borrowed money. We want to repay any borrowed money within 3 years.
Will I know if the church has to borrow money?
Before My Church Winnipeg borrows any money, we will notify all members and have a special Members meeting to vote on approval of borrowing money.
How much are we borrowing?
The total estimate for Phase 1 is $350,000. We have already raised over $150,000, so we would be looking to borrow approximately $200,000.
Is it reasonable to plan on repaying any borrowed funds back in 3 years?
Yes! Over the past number of years, we have averaged over 200 individual donors. If we raise $100,000 and have to borrow the remaining $250,000, that would mean that we would need each donor to give approximately $30 more per month for 3 years. Now of course, some will give more...some may not give as much. But with these numbers, we believe that full repayment of any loans in 3 years is attainable.