Kids Church: Ages 6 - 10

Located upstairs in the "Attic",  this service is designed specifically for children in grades 1 through 5. Children are encouraged to deepen their relationship with Christ through worship, prayer and digging in to God’s word. Drop off is at 10:20, right below the "Kids Check-in" sign on the right side of the foyer; you can't miss it! Pick up is at the end of service.

Preschool: Ages 3 - 5

For children ages 3-5, this is an interactive time, learning God’s Word through a mixture of stories, songs, crafts and play. Parents may drop children off at 10:20, below "Kids Check-in" sign on the right side of the foyer. Pick up is at the end of service.

Wee College

As a part of our Sunday preschool, this faith foundation program is designed for helping kids ages 4 and 5 to learn books of the Bible, the who’s who of scripture, and memorizing entire passages of God’s Word! For more info, contact Pastor Rose-Ann.

Newborns & Nursery

Children from birth to age 2 are cared for by a loving and nurturing team of volunteers, giving parents the opportunity to participate in the 10:30 service. Our Nursery is located down the hallway leading off of the right side of the lobby after you come in. Mothers looking for privacy to nurse their babies will find the Nursing Mothers' room further down on the righthand side of the same hallway. Children can be dropped off as early as 10:20, or anytime after.

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